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About ALBUSTAN Kitchens

Al Bustan Kitchens is a company providing hardware and fitting systems and electronic access control systems. Around the world, customers from the industry, dealers, joiners as well as architects, planners and builders all rely on Al Bustan Kitchen’s expertise and performance

We are manufacturing equipment made up of Stainless Steel containing Hardware such as Kitchens Equipment , Industry Equipment, Bakery Equipment and Air Ducts. We have Advanced Skills and Team to perform our work. Our Demand and Sincerity is symbol of Excellence.

Why Choose Us

Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Friendly Environment.
All Our Team Have Experience and Skills.
Competitive Rates and Risk Free.



Our Aim is to be Patient, Professional and Affordable.
All Our Team and Workers are much Experienced to Deal with all Kind of Situations.
Our Latest Criteria and Advanced Work will make you Satisfied